About Us


Welcome, people! This is the new page for Memento Mori Productions!

This is where all update stuff for Memento Mori Productions shall go. Sprites, screenshots, sketches, and maybe some writing here and there. All the production members will access and post the updates here!

The projects we have at the moment are Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Souls and Fantasia: Before Requiem. If you support these projects, please watch, and we shall provide you a (regular) flow of updates.

Okay, Introductions over. We do hope you support us as a whole. ^_^

Our Members:


THE CHIEF:  *azureXtwilight-rllz – Leader, Writing, Designer, Artist, Videos

THE RIGHT-HAND MAN:  =Soyasushi – Resident Co-Designer, Co-Plot Designer, Co-Writer, Co-Artist 2 (for BR) Editor and Proofreader

THE LEFT-HAND MAN:  ~LumenAstrum – Resident Co-Artist, Sketch and Promotional Artist and Proofreader (Doppelganger)